About Us

Unrivaled Realism at The Sex Doll Plus

Located in the heart of LA, The Sex Doll Plus is America's premier destination for lifelike companionship. Our mission? To offer premium dolls without the premium price tag.

Our Roots: Born from a vision of quality meeting affordability, The Sex Doll Plus has swiftly risen as a leader in the US market. Our LA roots reflect our commitment to domestic excellence and prompt service.

Commitment to Excellence: Every doll we showcase exemplifies our dedication to craftsmanship. Our direct-to-consumer approach ensures high quality at prices that defy expectations.

Fast & Discreet Deliveries: With dispatches from our LA warehouse, our dolls swiftly find their homes, usually within 1-7 days. Every shipment is discreet, ensuring your privacy is never compromised.

Thank you for choosing The Sex Doll Plus. Dive into a world where fantasy meets reality.